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Wight Animail Bedding

Family run company since 2001


The newspapers and cardboard are passed through our twin crosscut shredders directly fed into a dust extractor though another cross cut shredder and then into strong plastic sacks.
The sacks are then sealed and stacked ready for delivery.

The advantage of using twin crosscut shredders is the size and shape of the pieces produced together with the elimination of dust.

Most other paper bedding is simply cut strips of paper in varying widths and lengths (to give an idea of size 1.5cm x 4cm approx)
Our bedding produces short compacted strips which provide maximum absorbency.

The perfect bedding for sports and competition horses. Large quantities available island or mainland (bulk loads of 250 delivered)

RECOMMENDED by vets for all animals that have a dust allergies.

The ink does not rub off on to grey/white animals/ponies/horses

In addition to the absorbancy benefits, the size and shape of the bedding also allows for greater warmth and comfort to the horse.

The best bit apart from all above is there is NO SMELL like straw gives off and so easy to clean out. 
Also Gardener love to use the well rotted manure from a horse that has been bedded down newspaper and cardboard bedding the worms love it which in return continues the recycling process from a tree that has been cut down to make a newspaper or cardboard - to you reading newspaper or using that cardboard box - to us shedding it - for you to use as bedding - to you making a muck heap - once rotted down for you to use on your garden to possibly grow a tree to replace the one that was used originally.

To make a bed for a horse we reccomend laying down 6/7 bales in an average 12x12 stable making a bed of around 8inches deep. If you like to have banks then 2/3 bales more maybe needed.
In practice the deeper the bed the less bedding you will remove when mucking out and average consumption will be around one bag per week.

£4.50 a bale, 10 or more the delivery is free 
Payments can be made by Card or Cash (sorry no cheques)

We have been producing our newspaper and cardboard bedding blend since September 2001 from clean used recycled newspapers and cardboard.