What makes our animal
bedding so special?

Wight Animal Bedding offers a blend of shredded and diced paper & cardboard. Our bedding goes through a strict manufacturing process where the use of a very powerful extractor is used to remove any dust that may be produced. Because of this our bedding is highly recommend by vets to used with horses that suffer with conditions such as COPD*.

Fed up of the smell that other traditional equestrian bedding’s may produce? Our bedding reduces odour and soaks any wet up easily!

Main reasons why you should choose Wight Animal Bedding over any other!

  • Cost effective!
  • Biodegrable!
  • Easy to muck out!
  • Reccomened by vets!
  • Highly absorbant!
  • Quick delivery!
  • Very warm and comfortable!

Our Products

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Paper Only

Shredded and diced paper bedding


Cardboard and Paper Mixed

Shredded and diced cardboard and paper bedding mixed


Cardboard Only

Shredded and diced cardboard bedding


I have used Wight Animal bedding as our main suppliers of equestrian bedding for over 8 years now. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend this bedding to anyone! No smell, quick easy to muck out which is handy on a yard as large as ours and this bedding offers our horses and ponies and warm and comfortable bed. We house all different types of horses and ponies from top competition horses through to our riding school ponies. My top event horse ‘Will’ is allergic to many different types of bedding such as straw and shavings, he would come up in hives however he doesn’t have any reactions at all with Wight Animal Bedding. It is very important for my eventers to be stabled in a dust free environment to keep their lungs clear and them breathing clearly, this is definitely the case when bedding down with Wight Animal Bedding!

– Sarah Holmes – Lake Farm Equestrian Centre Yard owner – 4* Eventer

I started using Wight Animal Bedding when our pony started eating his straw and haven’t looked back! I find it dry, easy to manage and incredibly economical. Being dust free and inedible is ideal for my horses who are stabled all winter. It rots down quickly on the muck heap without making a mess, and being able to support a local business makes it even better.

– Kate Pope, East Cowes

I would highly reccomend Wight Animal Bedding. They offer a friendly and reliable service that I have used for many years.

– Ruth Gray, Freshwater

Hi my name is Tian Hughes and I am the manager of the island riding centre and also owner of Idris Stables based in Whippingham. I’ve been using the wight animal bedding for the past 5 years and has been an amazing bedding for my horses and for my staff to use daily the bedding is very absorbent and doesn’t leave any sort of smell. The beds are fluffy and very easy to muck out. One of the biggest pluses is that wight animal bedding is very biodegradable and is all made from recycled products. We use this bedding for all our competion horses as well as our school horses and Liveries. Myself and my team highly recomend this product and promise you will not be disappointed!

– Tian Hughes, Whippingham